Thursday, March 8, 2007


Don’t float on cloud nine
Thinking that “the world is mine”.
Pleasure is short lived
And later makes you grieved.
Behold the pleasure of success
As to avoid anything in excess.
At failure! never shan’t you vine
Both are at par divine.

Success driven by gory
Never will bring you glory!
With your single step, be wary
Avoid the shady awry.
Failure does not exist
Nor does it persist.
It is just an experience
To warn you of future variance

Detest the pleasure of success
Attest the pleasure of its cause.
Success is not your destination
But a part of divine ordination.
Accept the divine ordain
Without a trace of disdain.
You will feel the grace,
In many unknown ways.

Success is an elusive lady
It’ll consume everybody.
If you let it come near
You’ll lose your near and dear.
Be a man of virtues and wisdom
Be a king in your kingdom called ‘life’.
Success is a mountain, failure is a valley
Amidst lies our life, like an alley.


Tuesday, March 6, 2007

My Pursuit for happiness

My house was so very lavish
Still I was ever so anguish.
My big fat salary package
Failed to reduce my worry borne baggage
Hardly did I realize,
It was the time to spiritualize.

I started losing my health
In the search for material wealth.
I hardly had time for leisure
As my work caused its seizure.
Rarely did I realize,
It was the time to spiritualize

I amassed a big booty
Meanwhile lost a life of beauty.
I was under an illusion
That greatness lies in possession
Gradually did I realize,
It was the time to spiritualize

I never got a peace of mind
In the room of golden bind
I wandered in search of happiness
Wondered at its scarceness
Finally did I realize,
It was the time to spiritualize

Everything appeared so trivial
All those which were once crucial
I was now gaining health
Without the help of wealth
Everything looked beautiful
I too felt ever so blissful

I was now facing the truth
But was reaching far down south
I reached late at the destination
Thanks to my procrastination.
The truth made me content
Gratifying my main intent.


Monday, March 5, 2007

Thought – God’s gift to the mankind!!!

Einstein always believed in “Imagination is more important than knowledge”. What is imagination? It is a result of a profound thought process sparked by some sort of experience or events in our lives and is always relevant in its own context regardless of the physical prevalence of imagined thoughts. Man is considered as the supreme living being only because of his ability to imagine. World appears in myriad forms for various beings and he perceives it based on the culture of his mind. Rose is a beautiful flower symbolizing the beauty of love for a poet and it is an object which gives out pleasing fragrance for a scientist. This just highlights the importance of the perception of our mind. The perception depends largely on the way the mind is cultured. The behaviour of our mind remains the same regardless of the circumstance, but it depends on how the mind is trained to understand the situation. It is like teaching how to learn.

It is important to note that it is very difficult or almost impossible to change his/her perspective once the mind is cultured and matured. There are innumerable examples when man has failed in his life due to his inability to cope with the change in the way of thinking. This reinforces the importance of culturing our mind at the right time. Human mind has always been considered rational for practical purposes. It is interesting to note that nobody ever verified or validated the credibility of such assumptions. The sweet irony of such assumptions is the possibility of the downfall of some scientific theories which is standing on some assumptions made by an individual whose mind’s culture may be radically different from others. One of the leading philosophers of India J. Krishnamurthi has bravely attacked the conventional thinkers by saying that human mind is irrational. It appears very sensible because what is good for one could be bad for the other like a famous aphorism which says that “One’s food could be other’s poison”.
The important question is ‘Why is the irrational mind of man accepting the explicitly forced rationality on him?’ I strongly feel that the main reason behind this is the weak culturing of human’s mind which makes him vulnerable to every external thought which is vociferously instilled in him. To avoid this, we should lay a strong foundation of culture in our mind so that we have the conviction in ourselves and our principles and ideologies.

Thought has been given utmost honour and respect by man from time immemorial. Rene Descartes’, a famous philosopher had upheld the importance of thoughts by saying “I think, therefore I am”. Albeit this thought was rather critically attacked and controversial brain-in-a-vat theory was suggested, such a radical thought could be arrived only by a man like Descartes’ who had a well cultured mind which was not vulnerable and influenced by external agencies. We should also develop such kind of a mindset wherein we are able to comprehend everything, filter out the irrelevant and consume the concentrated knowledge. In order to do this we must have a mindset to be receptive to new views and thoughts and ideas and view it with no prejudice. This is in other words called ATTITUDE. Intelligence is defined as the ability to comprehend; to understand and profit from experience. So, with a harmonious blend of right attitude, proper culture of our mind and intelligence we can achieve everything which is otherwise thought impossible.
I would like to reinforce the importance and significance of thoughts and thinking habits in MK Gandhi’s own words which says “A man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes."

“Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Watch your words, for they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.” -- anonymous

The Wood Cutter

In the sun kissed golden evening
I saw him incessantly slaying.
He lay there with a resolution
To undo the entire evolution.
Awestruck by his poise and rhythm
I stood there trying to fathom.

He seemed to have a strong spirit
Which didn’t demand any merit.
He often sharpened his chisel
To minimise the possible hassle.
Awestruck by his poise and rhythm
I stood there trying to fathom.

I explored his face for a trace of mercy
But heard his breath ever so pursy
His voice had such a bass,
which could attract any highland lass.
Awestruck by his poise and rhythm
I stood there trying to fathom.

He chiseled the trees with all his might
Like hunting a prey by a worthy knight.
The anguish of the trees
Never reached his ears.
Awestruck by his poise and rhythm
I stood there trying to fathom.

He cut the wood raising his hood
Just to earn his daily food.
The music still I heard
Long after he disappeared.
Awestruck by his poise and rhythm
I stood there trying to fathom.



It is pure as milk
But sometimes makes you sulk.
It is not a hulk
But it’s the real bulk.

It is always eternal
And many a times internal.
It is not a mortal
But it’s precious as a coral.

It is difficult to embrace
Those who have done disgrace
It looks full of maze
But it’s always under gaze

It is always under scrutiny
Sometimes leads to mutiny.
It is not a tyranny
But decides many a destiny.

Rarely is it loved
Barely is it understood
Hardly is it valued
But it’s the real truth.