Sunday, May 4, 2008


Ambrosial meals, elysian nights,
With calisthenic thoughts and euphoria all around.
My life went by without any brights
like An idle mind on a hazy ground.

Time had passed by, right under my nose
in presence of my ignorance through the course.
Seems like aeons since i had a cerebration,
And I long for it with adjuration.

Genesis of thought is still unknown
Fuelling the desire to make it known.
The glittering stars foster hope in my mind,
that a dawn will herald light on human mind.

Abhorring hedonism was merely not a dauntless act,
preached my mind when I had to face the fact.
Garbled thoughts garnered in mind,
never left me free even to unwind.

Failure to find an intention to my fate
Found respite in the haven of altruistic slate.
While Creeping on the beach smoothing a sandstone,
Dawn came upon and my ego brightly shone.

Thirumal Rao R