Friday, January 4, 2008

Light in the Dark

In the stillness of the dark
Were those stars with a spark.
Amidst gush of the wind and fluttering of the trees
Laid back, I dreamt the world filled with peace.

Stars in their bright shine,
Ended my groping whine.
With pleasure did I dine
With a bottle of shining wine.

The brightness of the star in the darkness of the night
Epitomised the valour of a knight.
The grey screen of the cloud
Covered the star as a shroud.

As time passed away, the clouds flew away
They shone as before ever so bright
Reinforcing in me that I was right.
Cloud was temporary as problems in our life
Shine is the truth realized after life full of strife

Be a star and shine forever
Unperturbed by the cloud that hover.
Bright or not, never give a thought
Light in the dark is a drop in the drought.

Thirumal Rao R