Monday, March 19, 2007

My Pursuit for happiness

My house was so very lavish
Still I was ever so anguish.
My big fat salary package
Failed to reduce my worry borne baggage
Hardly did I realize,
It was the time to spiritualize.

I started losing my health
In the search for material wealth.
I hardly had time for leisure
As my work caused its seizure.
Rarely did I realize,
It was the time to spiritualize

I amassed a big booty
Meanwhile lost a life of beauty.
I was under an illusion
That greatness lies in possession
Gradually did I realize,
It was the time to spiritualize

I never got a peace of mind
In the room of golden bind
I wandered in search of happiness
Wondered at its scarceness
Finally did I realize,
It was the time to spiritualize

Everything appeared so trivial
All those which were once crucial
I was now gaining health
Without the help of wealth
Everything looked beautiful
I too felt ever so blissful

I was now facing the truth
But was reaching far down south
I reached late at the destination
Thanks to my procrastination.
The truth made me content
Gratifying my main intent.

The Need for Creativity

“Feeling and longing are the motive forces behind all human endeavors
and human creations”
-- Einstein

From time immemorial, man has been creative and it is his creativity which lead to radical changes in his way of living. Creativity has manifested into myriad forms of physical existence of present day world. It has always given all gaiety, satisfaction and contentment to every individual involved in the process of practically realizing the intangible thoughts of man. Dreams are one of the biggest sources of radical changes in the physical world. Man who knows the fact that there is no boundary to imagination dares to dream big. There are couple of them who dare accomplish this. But those who believe that dreams are mere fantasy and is not worth the chase remain what they always were – cowards. Dreams in this context also engulf the audacious imagination of man which seems to be weird with reference to the existing social thinking at that time. Chasing dreams is better said than done. It has to be equipped with the conviction, self confidence, agile mind; ability to sustain the contempt of the negligent ignoramus whose mind is ever influenced by the external opinions more than its own. The latter is the toughest part to endure for it has lead to dire consequences in the history of mankind.

Challenges posed
Copernicus was criticized for proposing the heliocentricity of solar system, only because it was in conflict with the biblical scriptures. Cardinal Bellarmine had Giordano Bruno, another proponent of a sun-centered world view, burned at the stake for heresy. Galileo Galeli had to suffer house arrest for defending Copernicus’ theories. There are innumerable examples likewise. Deducing the common factors from such daring and brilliant souls, we found that albeit the difficulty posed by the mass, it was their conviction in themselves that helped to sustain such insane actions of the public. Regardless of the acceptance of some of their ideas during their lifespan, their legacy still prevails and is embossed in the golden letters in our History Books.

How and why?
When man has enough to satisfy his biological needs and social needs, he seeks to quench his intellectual thirst. This is when great advances in the mankind take shape. Depending on his interest or inherent constitution of his brain, he tends to foray into various streams of thought like pure science, applied science, fine arts, etc., The result of each is to attain intellectual satisfaction regardless of the varied implications of his thought depending on the domain. The predominant impact of the advancement of mankind is evidently towards the increasing luxury of his life. All the ill effects of his erstwhile luxury have not deterred his strong will to further his endeavours to achieve more and more luxury and reduce his interference to the minimal. Thanks to the power of determination, we have accomplished everything he wanted.

Holistic approach
Circle is referred to almost everything whose either origin or end is unknown. Since the end of mankind’s evolution is unknown, it is considered to come a full circle to its origin. This makes the end of one cycle at the point of its origin. Now the scenario becomes fathomable to the rational mind at large. So by virtue of the hypothesis which says everything has to come a full circle, we can predict the end of the mankind. Not a pie for guessing the right answer as it is so very obvious. The end of the mankind will be at the point of its origin.
Let us see an analogy; in the ancient times when the man was not yet civilized he used to be nude all the time. Slowly he started to think and then society emerged, this lead him to cover himself with clothes. Robes were meant to cover his body to the society. Gradually he started to design the robes and wear it to display his social status to everyone. Then, robes ceased to be indicative of his/her status in many places. Eventually we have reached a state wherein wearing clothes is not a necessity and shredding the same is not wrong. Man now thinks that body is given by HIM and exposing the same is his fundamental right and it can in no way be detrimental to the health of the society. The only difference between nude men now and nude men in the Stone Age is that the present man has developed a justification for his existence in that form which was self implied in the former case. So, the end of one cycle of this evolution is reaching its finish and soon the second cycle starts and treads the same path as first in a different frame of space time.

Extending the same argument to other spheres of our life, I contend that every advancement of mankind is just to gain that immense pleasure in the process of innovation and nothing is more useful to the mankind(like always than what was there at the time of his origin. Man took his present form only when the necessary and sufficient condition for his existence and sustenance was achieved. Thanks to HIM.

“There is nothing new except what has been forgotten” -- Marie Antoinette