Friday, October 17, 2008

Literary redemption

A winged horse tied by rope, so felt my soul
Cloudy skies and misty wind, hazy it is all around !
Battered soul bawled like a deprived kid
waffling for long , seemed like an eternity.

Dogma of the elite, victimized me
for the delinquent piece I dared to present
Knowing too well of the possible resent.
Truth being, my desperateness is the real culprit.

My intellect, despite feeling ashamed; consoled my lamenting soul
'Thou shan't bother about other's opinion, errors are part of thy nature'.
The storm in my soul seemed quite relieved. Thou sorted the imbroglio which had stormed my mind and soul
O creator-of-the-soul, how perfect is your creation ! Problem manifests as a solution.

Genesis of any crisis, I feel, is our ego;
which we never let go.
Trait of this ubiquitous ego, is its vulnerability to the power of time.
I strongly feel that time is the panacea for all melee.

Albeit the notion that my literary child was the cause of the predicament
I now realise that it was just a mirror in front of my trait.
All it did was to reflect the incidence.
Thus I submit to strive to be a bard, till the providence gives his accord.

With this new resolve I now took, my petrified mind now saw peace.
The lamp of my soul shone bright with hope
Tears swelled and dampened my cheeks,
when I felt if this is a literary redemption

My Ami

In my life of peregrination,
I was drifting away, knowing not my destination
In the darkness of my ignorance,
Your friendship became a fluorescence

When I was sinking in the shoreless sea of despair
You came as a boat to revive my last flickering hope.
Supplementing my life, you brought in such a harmony,
Our lives became a libretto filled with symphony.

Reflecting my lacunae without any prejudice,
you were a mirror without malice.
Sharing sorrow and joy in equal measure
you created a bond without any fissure

Moments of joy we shared so often
lay in my mind, every bit frozen
Every time I invoke those memories
my crescent smile shows my ivories.

The only thought that I now fear
Is a life without you dear
You have filled a void which I was not even aware
until you bestowed your soul which was so bare

I bow to thee and pray in earnest
to bless me with you as my friend very dearest.
May the aura of your presence
make my life filled with iridescence.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Confused State

Like a cargo ship in the middle of a shoreless sea;
my aimless mind wandered around,
amidst a hubbub created by my own fellow denizens.
Tolerance was a virtue, so was i taught
Never did they know it would someday leave me distraught.
My mind thus knelt, pleading for inner peace

A land of wisdom and courage, ruled by the brave
and benevolent; a place where modesty is honored
and avarice is censured; where trees and bees get the
same respect as the kings and courtiers.
Such kingdom is the one that'll prosper, taught the old and wise,
only didn't they live to see the world go otherwise.

With such an utopia in my mind, I peeped out into the world;
only to be greeted by mockery, contempt and scorn.
In the skirmish of ideas and principles, my mind has lost
its ability to sift. Whom should I now blame?
My teachers who taught what they felt is good?
or the society which has lead the world astray?

Being born in the land of the wisest,
Feeling indignant, I thus posed 'is it wrong to live at their behest ?'
Yes, it is ! said my fellow brethren,
whose kind I found, in hemispheres northern and southern.
Confusion ruling the current state of mind,
I realized time is the only machine which can unwind.