Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Treaty with a friend

O friend! My friend! you've been the pillar
of strength that withstood the quakes of my life's vicissitude;
you've been the much needed light
that illuminated my mind in times of darkness.

O Friend! My friend! When I asked,
'How shall I repay the debt I've thus incurred?';
You sought rectitude as the currency,
which I, ever readily, concurred.

O friend! My friend! whom shall i blame
if your modesty camouflages my tribute
as a travesty of our agreement.
for I alone know the truth, the real truth!

O friend! My friend! I now seek to pay the penalty, yet again
on your own terms, without the slightest penitence,
for I alone know the truth, the real truth!
But I confess unto you that I've dropped the weight of prim
to embrace the warmth of your intimacy.