Friday, September 18, 2009

My Pen

You scribe whatever I mumble,
never showing any sign of grumble.
Like a good artisan, you build a fortress,
giving shape to my fuzzy thoughts.

You are the vehicle, transporting ideas
from the realm of fantasy to that of existence.
It is but for you, the sublime thoughts of one
acquires eternal life, serving mankind forever.

Like a brave soldier who serves his nation,
you serve me, till the last drop of your blood;
Yet, not an iota of gratitude have I ever shown;
while you bestow upon me, the same selfless service.

An embodiment of altruism, you are the model
I'd love the entire mankind to emulate.
But I promise,my comrade, I shall bequeath
unto you, a worthy man of letters, as my humble tribute.