Saturday, June 28, 2008


In the galaxy of beings, lived an old haggard
Revisiting his vivacious youth, reclined in his backyard.
Basking in the glory of his past, strengthened his weak nerves,
Reminding him of his long lost verves.

Had arrived with shine and shimmer
On a sunny day of a bright summer.
The first outburst of his shrill cry,
gave near and dear, plenary of joy.

Sun rose in the east and set in the west,
Never did it ask for a day of rest.
Joys of childhood just passed by,
The boy was now a little coy.

Grey had peeped out of his dear mom's head
before he knew how to earn his bread.
The newly budding youth filled with vigor
Realized success in life depends on rigor.

Lust and love appeared limpid in his life
Made him crave for a beautiful wife.
Ensconced in his illusory pleasure
Lead his life in quite good measure

Vigor and rigor was nowhere in his near
Swelled from his eyes, rolled a drop of tear.
A gracious smile did his face adorn
Knowing well, it is the last in this sojourn.