Thursday, December 11, 2008

On Marriage

In this communion of youth and beauty,
you both should now make a treaty,
that you shall let the joy double
and try to divide the trouble.

May your bride be your pride
on which you shall forever ride;
for you are a lucky groom
whose life has now started to bloom.

Let the characters remain distinctive,
even make it mutually exclusive
But may your living space be conducive
for your near and dear to feel inclusive.

Marriage is not just a wedlock;
But I tell you, it's a deadlock -
mutually locked until death.
So my Ami, live your life in every breath.

(Dedicated to Gaurav Bhargava, wishing for his successful marriage)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Bon Voyage

I felt unprepared and unset,
Was not ready to board yet.
My luggage was jammed
And my itinerary unplanned.

But the minute met the hour,
And triggered the bell crank lever.
I was left with no other choice
But to forget all and just rejoice.

With this resolve, I now started
Never to know that I had also parted.
The crankshaft bawled and yelled
Never to be sympathized by young or old.

Seated on the window sided berth,
For the pleasant scenery, there was no dearth.
As my eyes drank the beauty of the sight
My mind walked its own path, in its own right.

When the trees, as I saw, raced behind
My cassette of past started to rewind
Each tree which seemed far, came close and again went afar
Retracing the path of every event in my life so far.

The tree I closely observed from the moment of its sight
Gave me maximum agony when it went out of sight;
Like any event of my life, whose agony of detachment
Was proportional to my intensity of attachment.

As this thought ran over my mind, I just popped my head
out, and saw the train surging ahead.
We were going forward, towards the destination
With the cranks still rotating, with visible obstination.

When I looked forward, I was filled with joy
And when I turned back to look behind, my soul did cry.
I learnt a lesson from this journey that I can always rejoice
While it was just a matter of my own choice

The whistle blew again and the train jerked with an outcry so shrill
The movement had ceased and all were still,
I walked the aisle and stepped down the train, to see nobody;
Only to realize, it was just a self parody.

My Sleep

Sliding from the conscious to unconscious,
From the world of reality, to that of fantasy;
I love this journey and more so the destination
For, there I dare, to be what I want, not what I am.

The rhythm of my breath and poise of my body,
Resonates with the undercurrent, common to everybody.
Serene and tranquility, marked my face
Which otherwise has detestable grimace.

Rejuvenating the jaded body and fatigued mind,
This deep slumber gives a much wanted solace.
Emancipated from the clutches of duty,
The soul soars high, in the hope-filled sky.

In the world of angels and fairies,
Walking on the ego-ridden landscape,
Where there is no room for despair and gloom,
My intrepid mind explodes with cheer and merry.

Thanks to God, for bestowing such a cure
Which heals all ills, still so sweet and wanting.
Gazing at the sky, I wait for the dark night
To drift into a world, that is gay and bright.