Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Banyan Tree

O Mighty Banyan, How long have you been here?
Doesn't matter. Cool shade and breeze u bestow me
has often been a balm to my battered soul,
I owe you so much, terms of which, I am still in dark.

In the midst of high-rise concrete constructs,
standing alone you are, in such a dignified beauty.
The grandeur in your stance is noticed so seldom
Yet, you are there, without a single grumble.

Thou shred thy green in autumn,
Only to let them sprout in spring
In neither of these seasons does your grandeur wane.
What is behind this clandestine trait ?

I have nothing to offer, for nothing is mine
Still, with pride do I declare, that I let you survive.
Ignorance infected mind deludes my heart, claiming what is truly thine.
Albeit your inflicted woe, I have never seen you whine.

You take nothing from me,
Still you give me all you can.
I feel I am indebted to you.
But I cannot reciprocate, for you are divine.