Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Filched Flowers

An old sluggard perambulating at dawn;
peeping at the flowers in every garden
For those which had bloomed near the compound wall.
Using all his guile and left-over might,
he leaped and jumped to pluck those flowers
Often did he succeed in his early morning venture.

With those filched flowers in his basket,
making a tak, tak sound with his walking stick;
continued his saunter with a merrier face and greater pace.
As he meandered along the path, a temple was seen at a distance.
With a visible devotion in his face, he made a deep obeisance
and offered those flowers of blissful fragrance.

The scene had frozen in my mind and I stood staring internally -
"Will the God accept his obeisance?" lingered in my mind,
and every time, the whole chain of events use to rewind.
The procurement of flowers looked illicit, but the tenacity
involved seemed a virtue. Which outweighs the other?
Will Ignorance don the cause of his redemption?

Why Should I bother ?