Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Thick and dark clouds
on this desolate earth, as a shroud;
broke open with splashes
of light and bolts of thunder!

Pitter-patter rain drops
drenched the arid land,
elixir of life now impregnated
in the fertile womb of all life.

The musk of wet earth,
dews on petals of different hues;
sky looked blue and limpid,
milieu apt to reminisce about Cupid

Red, blue, green and yellow
orange, violet and indigo;
a bridge emerged of these colors
extending from one horizon to the other.

A little bunch of angels and fairies
were crossing the bridge in blithesome mood,
It gave them joy, the sight of this bountiful garden
which was vivified for them, just then.

'Wherefore was the earth bedecked?'
tried to construe till my mind was wrecked;
Was it a forlorn attempt to remind,
paradise it is, despite our attempt to shear.