Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sweet Agony

Alas! The years passed away
Under the mask of carefree life.
Pelting the poor jokes all the way
to anyone and everyone. There're few
hitherto unscathed by our nuisance.
At last came the day when we had to come to sense.

Aroma of the canteen coffee,
Unintentional mockery of our faculty,
Petty fight with big and might
tumble in my brain, but all in vain.
Hurting are those memories, but still very cosy.
Another year and yet another, so goes forever.

AC machines and induction motors,
used to run as said by rotors.
Penning the windings in red, blue and green
took away with it the life's sheen.
How nice were those days,
abysses are they, in so many ways.

Around this time, an year ago
U removed in me all my ego.
Prepared was I on the last day as a student
To try to fulfill my long felt intent.
Halo eyes marked your face
and filled my heart with blissful grace.

Alone I stood near the gate,
Unlimited was my love for my mate!
Parting time had come in haste,
Taunting me of life bound by grate.
How I felt the groan in my heart,
All to know, it will never part.

(PS: Created in 2007)


A palette of red, blue and green,
mysterious portions gives birth to hues unseen
Blessed is the canvas, gets smeared with so many colors,
an elixir of life !

Stroke by stroke, through sweat and toil
what belongs to the surreal world
enters our homeland, through intense labor
from a pair of gifted hands

Like sugar to the ambrosial potion,
nature's beauty treated by an artist's mind
endows joy to the beholder's eye
in the form of a painting - a humble tribute to the provenance of beauty