Saturday, December 20, 2008

Poster Austerity

An audience in the confluence
Of the intellectual sanits;
I was humbled at their sight,
And elated to be its part.
Intellect seemed tantamount to
the the penultimate entity, beyond matter.
Witness was I, to the display of power,
Given by knowledge and wisdom.
For me, ‘Simple living, high thinking’ was by- rote- learned moral
It was for them, as I saw, a life governing model.
Inspired by them, I thus felt –
‘Thy simplicity shall, from hence govern moi life’
And reduce all the unwanted strife.

The Sun was new again
And life had become yet again mundane.
Showing my face, covered by a mask
Of austerity I had pledged last dusk,
I was sauntering around and lo behold!
My money was stolen, so was I told.
Hedonist in me took over the newly acquired trait,
feeling of loss crept deep down in my mind.
It seemed like providence had planned a ruse
And I failed yet again, to take the cues.
I felt an awakening in me – It was again an illusion,
my mask of austerity was peeled by Him, and
declared my assumed trait as a poster austerity.